Export of bitumen

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Export of bitumen





Iran is the seventh and fourth largest exporter and producer of bitumen in the world among dozens of countries, respectively.
Of the world’s demand for more than 100 million tons of bitumen, Iran supplies about 3.8 percent
. Iran is one of the important bitumen producing countries in the Persian Gulf region.
Iran provides more than five million tons of bitumen annually, part of which is consumed locally and the other part including:
Shipped to Middle East, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

Most of the Iranian bitumen demand is from the UAE, this part is used in the UAE itself and the other part is sent again to other countries

Until 2005, Iran produced bitumen in the refining and distribution company of petroleum products, and then it was transferred to another sector, such as Jay Oil Company and Pasargad Oil Company.

At present, Jay Oil Company is one of the largest producers of bitumen in the country with a production of 1.8 million tons and Pasargad Oil with a production of 4.3 million tons per year.

Except for bitumen production, more than one hundred companies are active in the field of production.

Our country has had a lot of tensions in the last decade, and this has unfortunately led to the loss of foreign market share and lower prices for Iranian bitumen, so that Iranian bitumen was in high demand and sold up to $ 500, in some years, several times Less than the price of Bahrain bitumen has been introduced.
Experts include unhealthy competition, different prices, lack of quality control and monitoring, lack of trustees, mixing bitumen with other materials, mixing bitumen raw materials called vacuum, are the reasons that have caused Iran to lose this market.